NUS National Conference holds the Zones accountable for the work they have undertaken since the last Conference. It also can hold accountable all members of the NEC for their conduct as members of the Council and representatives of the organisation.

Report Section

Before each Zone Motion debate, there will be a report section chaired by a member of DPC.  Each Zone is required to submit a written report on their work for the year and present on it at National Conference. After the presentation there will be a period for questions. Questions must be submitted in writing to DPC. You can submit a question to the officer to be asked during the accountability sessions or reference back part or all of their report. 

Report Motions

If a union is unhappy with the work of a zone as reported to National Conference it can propose a report motion. This can be done before the end of the Zone report in writing to DPC. The Report Motions can do two things:

1)    Refer back a section of the report – when the Constituent Member is unhappy with the work done a specific area
2)    Refer back the whole report- when the Constituent Member is unhappy with the work done as a whole

After any report motions the Conference will be asked to accept the report from the Zone.

Motions of censure or no confidence

The NEC is accountable to the National Conference on its conduct as individuals and as a whole in relation to how it goes about representing and campaigning for students.

A censure is a criticism of the individual or group and stern indication that National Conference is unhappy with their work or behaviour. A no confidence is much more serious and says that the Conference believes that they are unable to perform their role and should be removed.

A motion of censure or no confidence or must be presented in writing to DPC by 12 Noon on the second day of Conference ready for the NEC report session on the last day. A motion of censure or no confidence may be made against an individual NEC member, a group of members or the NEC as a whole. This decision rests with the proposer of the motion of censure or no confidence.

A Union submitting a motion of censure or no confidence will be asked to give a speech on why they feel the officer should be censured or no confidenced. There will be a speech against the censure or no confidence made by either the individual, one member of the group being censure or no confidenced or the National President if the censure or no confidence is made against the whole NEC. National Conference will then be asked to vote on the censure or no confidence.