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The deadline to submit questions for the hustings for candidates is 15:30 Tuesday 25th April


National President

Malia Bouattia
Malia for a Strong, Transformative Union

You elected me, last year, on the platform of fighting for an education which is transformative and liberated. Since then I have led this process, from organising our first national demo since 2010, to placing liberation at the heart of everything we do. I’ve brought NUS back to the students, establishing regional networks, events and toolkits. I’ve led an NUS which challenges: organised anti-deportation networks, campaigned against Prevent in Parliament and successfully lobbied for amendments to the HE Bill. I've worked to amplify our collective voice so we can make change. Let's continue this process, together.


Tom Harwood
For a Credible, Inclusive NUS

I'm Tom Harwood. I am standing to re-legitimise our student movement.

We have to speak for all students. We should be fighting credible battles, and offering constructive solutions. Only then can we deliver.

We must shout louder about living costs, fight for realistic improvements to tuition fees, and be flexible and innovative in our response to government policy.

Our movement isn't about any one person or clique. We should be more democratic, more accountable, and more responsive to student concerns.

We need to be a national union for all.

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Shakira Martin
Making Education an Option for Everyone

Education saved my life, it gave me hope, aspiration and above all opportunity. It is that spirit of optimism we need NUS to embody if it is going to shape our education and our world.

The only way is a national union, united and fighting for Free Education for everyone.

My NUS will be fun, vibrant and a welcoming environment to take part in. My NUS will bring some campaigning fire combined with intelligence, innovation and energy.

MY NUS will work like my campaign - led by you.


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Vice President (Further Education)

Emily Ann Chapman

My Name is Emily Chapman, SU President at Leeds City College and NEC (FE 2nd Place)

I want to be your VP Further Education to be a voice for FE Students' Unions & make education better for FE students.

If we work in partnership, sharing best practice and building power for Students' Unions can we actually achieve what we're here to do - make education better.

Vote Emily for VP Further Education and help me say FE IS HERE TO STAY!


Myriam Kane
Defend FE- no cuts and racism

For most of my life I've struggled against racism within education. I've been to school in Italy, France and Britain and in all of these places I've had to deal with intense racist abuse, bullying and discrimination.

Getting involved with my Students' Union and NUS was a powerful reminder that there was another way. I was inspired by how collective power can challenge the injustices we see.

I'm standing for NUS VP Further Education to lead a fighting NUS that puts defending FE centre stage – no fees, no cuts. Let's fight the Tories, racism, Brexit and Trump.

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Vice President (Higher Education)

Amatey Doku
Winning on what matters to students

As a black student and then sabbatical officer at Cambridge, I know when education is used to empower, but how many can be systematically shut out from receiving its full benefits.

Now more than ever, we need an NUS working on and winning on the issues that matter to students- like assessment and feedback, access, teaching quality and contact time. With the march towards marketisation of the HE sector, spiralling debts for students and an unrestrained Breixt strategy, I aim to lead an HE Zone which will fight for the matters most pressing for students at this crucial time.


Niall Hamilton
Why you in denial? Vote Niall

Hi, I’m Niall, Education Officer at Reading University Students Union for the past 2 years and I’m standing to be your next Vice-President Higher Education.

I’ve made anti-TEF placards appear in the SU nightclub, embedded liberation in all curricular design, trained over 500 course reps, and built a 250-students demonstration in a day saving university staff from job cuts.

Now, I want to harness the creative, collective talent of our students on a national level to forge a fierce HE campaign that brings students with it, to secure a free and liberated education system.

See you in Brighton! #NIALLIT


Ana Oppenheim
Ana for Vice-President Higher Education

Hi! I’m Ana and I’m Arts SU’s Campaigns Officer. I’m a socialist feminist, a Polish immigrant and I want your help taking the job of VP Higher Education. I’ve fought for students at my union in the boardroom and the streets, now let’s do it nationally.

From rising fees to creeping marketisation to attacks on international students, I believe we need an unapologetic response. I will stand up for your rights, build grassroots activism and campaign for our radical vision of a free, democratic, accessible and liberated education.

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Vice President (Society and Citizenship)

Danny Nasr
A fresh and dynamic movement

Hiya! I'm Danny, president of Goldsmiths College SU, running to be your next VP Society & Citizenship. As an international student, my students’ union and local community have been my gateways to campaign for a fairer society, from co-organising the first Preventing PREVENT conference to securing £140,000 per year in refugee scholarships.

In the wake of attacks on education and migrants, the Society & Citizenship campaign shouldn’t just be another wheel of NUS, it should be its engine. I’m standing to rebuild it as the force behind a social movement that wins.

See you in Brighton! #danny4soccit


Robbie Young

Last year at Conference I was delighted to be elected as your Vice-President Society and Citizenship. A lot has changed since then, but what hasn't changed is my determination to help build a transformative student movement.

I'm seeking your re-election because I'm proud of what I've been able to achieve this year, but I have so much more I want to do in a vastly changed world. We need a national Union that fights the worst of Brexit, a Union that is political and a Union that is sustainable.

Re-elect me and let's finish what started.




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Vice President (Union Development)


Aleem Bashir

I ran to be an officer in my students union because of the frustrations I felt of not having my voice heard, of having people tell me what I think and what I believe without consulting and communicating with me. I have gone through, and feel the frustrations Officers up and down the country feel. I want to make NUS more representative of its membership, truly taking on concerns and making the difference to student Lives. Students unions’ change lives and I want NUS to be at the focal point of engaging with our membership. #1 #VoteAleem


Matt Grange
Gets Stuff Done, Makes Things Happen

Being at the University of West London I have seen first-hand the challenges that some of our SU’s are facing. Too much of our benefit goes on too few of our members, whilst the majority are left with none. I have seen the impact SU’s have on students and the opportunities that leave lasting legacies on their lives. It’s time to give NUS back to SU’s and start to fight for things that really matter to students and officers on campuses across the UK. It’s time to get stuff done and make things happen. #GrangeforChange


Ali Milani
An NUS Together

I believe in Students’ Unions and the power of students as a collective. It is why I volunteered for my SU as a student, why I ran for President and why I am standing to be your Vice President Union Development.

But I think our movement can do better than this fractured divide. I think our movement can come back together. Work on the issues that matter and win again for students.

I believe that if we take steps towards each other and strengthen our democracy, our best days are still ahead of us.

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Vice President (Welfare)


Jenny Killin
A socialist, feminist & an anti-racist

Education can never be ‘free’ if it cannot be accessed by everyone; if it pushes us into debt, or destroys our mental health. It can’t be accessible if learning means we cannot afford our rent, or we have to miss class to pay the bills.

It cannot be free when students do not feel safe to practice their faith. When they are under surveillance or threat of deportation. When students are faced with harassment and violence on campus. Right now, this is the reality for far too many; and right now, we need an NUS which can change that.


Izzy Lenga
Izzy Lenga for VP Welfare

We’re living through some of the most turbulent and uncertain times in modern history. Mental health services scrapped, hate crimes ignored and a cost of living crisis brushed under the carpet. If we don’t act, there'll be nothing left to take from our education system.

I will lead a movement and welfare campaign that listens to you and shouts with you. Together we will deliver programmes across the UK, fight national and local campaigns, based on what Students’ Unions want and need.

Vote Izzy for VP Welfare for a united and relevant campaign that fights and wins for students.


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