National Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of NUS. Each year, nearly 1000 delegates meet to discuss and debate motions which set out NUS' political stance for the year ahead.

You can submit a Motion to Conference by following this link


Before you start filling in the form make sure you have the following:

Union Details
✅ Your NUS Secure Code (issued annually to your President and CEO)
✅ Your name and contact details
✅ Contact details of two Student Officers preferably the lead elected officer (President) and officers attending National Conference as delegates
✅ Details of which democratic process you used to agree your Motion

Motion Details
✅ Agree which Zone your Motion falls into
✅ Check your Motion doesn't duplicate Live Policy of NUS
✅ Count up the word count of each individual Motion
✅ Ensure the total length of your motions don't exceed 1,400 words
✅ Give a title to your motion which summarises what it is about
✅ Split the text into 'NUS Believes', 'NUS Further Believes' and 'NUS Resolves'

For more information read our Guide to Writing Motions