Priority Ballot

What is it?

The Priority Ballot is vote which we ask all confirmed delegates to participate in which determines the order the zones (except Priority Zone which is always first) are debated in and the order which the motions are discussed in each zone. Through this ballot delegates determine which are the most important motions for debate. Conference aims to get through as many motions as possible but it is not always possible to get through all the motions in each Zone, which is why the priority ballot is important.


10 March - Deadline for Registration with Priority Ballot

To take part in the Priority Ballot delegates will need to be registered with their personal email address by 10 March. They will not be able to take part if they are registered under an email address that belongs to a member of union staff. 

31 March - You'll receive an email with a link to the priority ballot

Please Note: Once you have clicked on this link it will expire - if you require a new link to return to any ballots you will have to regenerate it using the instructions in your email

Can't find your email? Check if it has gone into your junk/spam folders and check with your union what email address they have registered you for the conference under. 

7 April Midday - Priority Ballot Closes

There will be no further oppertunity to submit a ballot