The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place at National Conference

The following reports will be presented:

  • The Trustee, Nominations Committee, DPC, NEC and CRO reports will all be discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
  • The amount NUS plans to spend in each area is outlined in the Estimates and approved here
  • The estimates will include a proposal about the affiliation fee unions pay to NUS for membership
  • Motions that change how NUS’ internal processes are administered are voted for here too
  • DPC will propose the formula to calculate how many delegates are sent to National Conference

You may challenge the estimates or reference back on a AGM report. You may also submit a question on the Estimates or Accounts or another AGM report. 

The accounts and estimates can be found here . The deadline for challenging the accounts and estimates is Friday 7 April at noon.


Changing the articles and rules

The AGM also includes proposals to change the NUS UK Articles and Rules. In order to change the Articles a formal Company Law meeting will take place and delegates will be provided with a different voting card.

Votes on a show of hands

130. On a vote on a resolution which is carried out by a show of hands, the following persons have one vote each:

130.1 each Constituent Member present in person;

130.2 each proxy present who has been duly appointed by one or more persons entitled to vote on the resolution; and

130.3 each authorised representative of a Corporate Member present; provided that if a person attending the meeting falls within two or more of the above categories, she is not entitled to cast more than one vote but shall instead have a maximum of one vote.

Quorum is 205 and motions to change the articles will pass on a two thirds majority vote.